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Intraday trading strategies are all about finding moving stocks that show fluctuations on an everyday basis. You can find around 25-35% of stocks that show fluctuations. Share prices keep fluctuating throughout the day and traders try to draw profits from these fluctuations by buying and selling the shares on the same day. At times, it is common to find stocks that do not have pre-market volume and opens at a gap from the previous day. If the gap opens higher than the previous day, then it is called the gap up, and if it opens lower than the previous day, then it is called gap down. Intraday traders look for such stocks and bet on them, believing the gaps will close by the end of the day.

However, no guarantees are made regarding correctness of data. Please verify with scheme information document before making any investment. We never say that our accuracy of our share tips services is 100%.

Exit the Position under Unfavourable Conditions:

Beginners can gain profits if they acquire knowledge regarding the basics and learn the top mostIntraday trading strategy&free day tipsfrom the experts. The most important aspects that anybody must keep in mind are to develop strict discipline in following proven strategies repeatedly and continuously. If the trader carries on the stock trading intraday with constant research and devotes more than sufficient time, it will bestow great rewards for them. In case of unexpected market fluctuations, investors can incur losses. Technical analysis of markets is based on past volatility, and thereby, might not be 100% accurate in all instances. Even though we master the intraday trading strategy, the monetary reward earning is difficult and is possible only if you have patience and discipline.

The Sensex is the benchmark index of the BSE and comprises the top 30 stocks in terms of market capitalisation. The BSE is Asia’s fastest online share trading platform and boasts the most number of companies listed on the exchange. It is always better to buy the stocks of the company that has met with good financial gains or has announced the good news.

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Stock transaction tax, trade fees, services tax, etc. are all-inclusive in brokerage fees, and such deductions reduce the income of an investor. In today’s fast-paced markets, volatile stocks can offer higher profit potential. However, intraday trading can be risky and should be done only when you have a good understanding of the specific stock or sector. Momentum trading strategy is great but requires speed in investments as soon as the news breaks out. Besides, how long the securities are held is completely based on the analysis of these market trends, which are to be followed closely and every day provided, the right decision is taken at the right moment.

The golden intraday tip is to ride with the market trend to help make profits. Combine the RSI and ADX, intraday traders buy when the RSI crosses the upper limit and vice versa. For trades that provide profits and price-give reversal , it is prudent to book the profits and exit the open position. In addition, if the conditions are not favourable to the position, it is advisable to immediately exit and not await the stop-loss trigger to be activated. Is part of the IIFL Group, a leading financial services player and a diversified NBFC. The site provides comprehensive and real time information on Indian corporates, sectors, financial markets and economy.

Momentum Oscillators – Momentum Oscillator is beneficial as there are short-period cycles that are not related to the rise and fall of the market. It depicts the price of the share when the price is at a new high or low. A trader can easily get to know if the price of that share will further increase or not.

When you play any games like Cricket or Football, you have to follow the rules attached to that specific game. In the same way, Intraday traders also have to follow some critical intraday trading rules to earn more profits. The stocks mentioned in this article are not recommendations. Please conduct your own research and due diligence before investing.

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Below are some of the most commonly used charts while intraday trading on the Indian stock market. If you are already a long-term investor with an existing account, it’d be wise to open a new account specifically for intraday trading, as it will simplify account and trade management. As intraday profits are taxed differently than long-term stock investment profits, separate accounts will also make tax management easier. An intraday trader would buy and sell the shares on the same trading day between this window of 6 hours and 15 minutes.


Intraday is often used to call attention to the new highs and lows of a commodity up for trade. For example, ‘a new intraday high’ refers to a commodity that has reached a relatively new higher market value during a trading session. If you are an intraday trader or wish to be one, there is one important aspect to note — buying and selling stocks on the same day. Yes, intraday traders purchase stocks with an intention of selling them on the same day.

Pick the right stocks

There is no intraday, as at the end of the day the net result will be zero. You can contact us via call or mail to get the best intraday trading tips today. Daily Income Source – You can consider it as a daily source of income. Thus, your trades are unaffected by any events that take place during the night.

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The order itself states emphatically, that this is in response to preliminary findings and is subject to further review upon a more comprehensive audit and investigation. Defensive stocks are not affected by the performance of economy. These stocks help you to protect your investments during times of recession. If you are a very conservative investor whose main priority is safety, then you can choose to invest in defensive stocks. You cannot expect extraordinary returns from defensive stocks as they simply function as safe haven stocks.

Remember that day Trading is Challenging Game and Requires Discipline, Patience, and a lot of hard work

Our intraday trading tips understand your requirements and goals. We invest time in understanding your requirements and analyzing your share market portfolio, to provide you with the best share trading tips. There are several strategies for intraday traders, but these are some of the best and most used. Reversal trading strategy is one of the most difficult where the intraday trader chooses to go against the trend while in other strategies, traders are supposedly along with the trend. The key to successful intraday trading is to invest quickly and watch the market trend, and the final step is to decide at the right time. There are no overnight risks in intraday trading, but the volatility of the market makes it quite risky.


The daily volatility makes market riskier, but if the traders follow the rules and through experience a lot of wealth can be earned. Like any other trading strategy, intraday has its investment risks. In the beginning intraday trading may not yield positive outcomes, but with a good deal of patience and research it can get good results. An ideal trader would consider the market conditions, stock volatility to make sure that a trade becomes profitable. Mastering the basics of intraday trading for beginners is the first step before moving on to the more advanced concepts of day trading. Acquire the right knowledge from reputable sources and implement your learnings in a demo account to understand how the stock market and intraday trading works.

Best Intraday Tips for Trading

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  • If you want to hold shares on a delivery basis, you need a Demat account.
  • ● Stop Loss – Many brokers provide good leverage to intraday traders.
  • All you need is a trading account with a SEBI-recognised broker; in this case – m.Stock and ensure you have enough funds to finance your trade.
  • If you place an intraday order to buy or sell shares, you take advantage of the price movements on that particular trading day and square off your position before the end of market hours.
  • In intraday trading, the trading margins are the upfront margins you put to be eligible to trade.

He may end up selling even if the price tends to observe a nominal increase. Because of this, you may happen to lose the opportunity to gain higher gains due to an increase in price. For example, Pharma companies’ shares were perfect for intraday trading when the government was approving vaccines for corona. Under this trading method, individuals can invest in stocks of different companies.

Introduction to Stock Market

Margin calls are initiated well before the trader risks losing all the money. Intraday trading returns are typically maximized by using leverage. Leverage enables a trader to invest more than the available capital. However, trading with leverage is as risky as how lucrative it sounds.

However, in case of standard trading wherein the principal is kept locked in for a considerable period, changes in price can be significant, making an investor worse off in case of stock market downturns. In reversal intraday trading strategy, traders look for those stocks that are at extremely high and lows. As soon as the movement of the security reverses, a stop is marked and the traders wait for the securities to hit maximum fluctuation. A trade is executed when the reversal value hits the trader’s estimated limit.

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In such a defensive market, investors have to keep looking for stock-specific opportunities. The markets got out of the declining mode on Wednesday, with the Nifty ending the day with a net gain of nearly one per cent. The important technical point for the day was that the Nifty could hold its head above the 200-day moving average. The markets on Wednesday showed a run in positive territory for the 8th straight day, with the Nifty ending the session with a rise of half a percent. The volatility index, though, is finding itself at its lowest levels, cautioning investors to keep purchases at a minimum. Investment in securities market are subject to market risks.Read all the related documents carefully before investing.

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Every tip that we what is the difference between enterprise is backed by extensive research of the target company, its sector, and all factors that impact it. We ensure that you get a specific range of entry and exit prices so that you know the exact moment to enter into the trade and when to square off. Despite a positive start of the day on Tuesday, the Nifty ended with a modest loss and below the 17,700 mark. The approach to markets still remains selective and stock-specific. On Thursday, the markets struggled to remain positive with the headline index Nifty ending the day with an almost one percent loss.

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